Excursion to Fort Stevens

Fort Stevens was part of the ring of 68 forts built around Washington, D.C. in the early days of the Civil War (1861-ish). From the National Park Service: “Fort Stevens, now partially restored, was built to defend the approaches to Washington from the 7th Street Pike (now Georgia Avenue) which was then the main thoroughfare from the north into Washington.”

It is the key point in my documentary where Confederate General Jubal A. Early, in the summer of 1864, with about 15,000 troops comes knocking on the front door to strike at a defenseless Washington City. So…we went out to get some footage of what it looked like now.

Fort Stevens from behind the ramparts. Two cannons and a flag with a short wall and green grass

Tactile Scale Model in Bronze of Fort Stevens

Cannons along the wall of Fort Stevens

Bronze Illustration of Lincoln Under Fire at Fort Stevens

Closer view of Cannon at Fort Stevens

Posted on: January 20, 2015