CDVs of Soldiers with Disabilities

This is a repost from my personal website from October 6, 2014.  I never did find an answer to the mystery of who these men were but hope by placing them here, there may be a chance that someone will see them and recognize them. The images are old CDV pictures from auction sites.

The first is titled: Civil War Soldier CDV Dwarf Rare Photo Rifle Armed Pic

CW Dwarf

The note on the auction website says: “Very unusual oversized cabinet CDV of a dwarf with a long beard, dressed in uniform with kepi and holding a gun. The picture was taken by Griffin & Watkins, which operated in Princeton, Kentucky during the latter part of the 19th century. Back of the card reads ”Portraits in Oil, Pastille & Crayon Old Pictures Copied and Enlarged.” Image very sharp. Card in superb condition. Measures 4” x 6”. Very interesting image.”

The second is titled:  Civil war unidentified midget dwarf union soldier officer cdv photograph:

CW Dwarf 2

If you have any additional information on either of these men, please contact me.

Posted on: January 27, 2015