Civil War Myths and Mysteries Quiz – Courtesy of @CivilWarTrust

I couldn’t resist a quick post in recognition of the season. So for Halloween, lets take a look at some myths and mysteries of the Civil War. Can you separate fact from fiction?  The Civil War Trust has a great little quiz. (Actually, their whole site is fantastic).  But for tonight, start with the quiz. 🙂 Try it out! Just click on the image below, answer a few questions, and let us know how you scored!

Image of Civil War Trust website quiz page
The Civil War Trust’s Myths and Mysteries Quiz (Click the Image to Take the Quiz)

And if you really must know…I got a 70%. Obviously, I need to do a whole lot more reading and research!

And of course, our Kickstarter for the documentary film, “The Invalid Corps and the Battle of Fort Stevens” is still running this month:

Posted on: October 31, 2015