A Visit to the Army Heritage and Education Center

Whew! It’s been a while since we’ve sent an update but never fear, we’ve been hard at work in the intervening few months. We’re currently 1/3 of the way through assembling our footage and next week, work begins on the special effects. Things are starting to move much more quickly now.

A key component of this project was to bring you the histories and voices of these Invalid Corps soldiers. One of the best places to go to find personal narratives, orders, and even images, is the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center. They have a large collection of both contemporary and historical materials related to “strategic leadership, the global application of Landpower, and U.S. Army Heritage to inform research, educate an international audience, and honor Soldiers, past and present”.

We spent two days in their Archive and special thanks to the staff there who helped us dig through and find individual stories to include in the film. We hope to return in the next month or so for some last photos.

AHEC Collage

And here’s a quick collage of our weekend: The AHEC Archive, Renee doing some reading, a copy of a diary page, an ACTUAL diary page, and a snippet showing our library cart with 14 boxes of correspondence. It was a VERY busy two days. 🙂


Posted on: August 10, 2016