First 30-Second Test – Invalid Corps and the Battle of Fort Stevens

We’re currently in the midst of negotiating the licensing for several images and assembling what we have. One of the photographers is in the UK and so it has been talking to him, then his UK agent, then his American agent, then the staffer who can coordinate the sale; and then there is a slightly better version of the same image done by a Baltimore journalist and do we want that one instead….it goes on and on.

But, rather than fill your page with text, it seemed beetter to show you an example of what we’re doing with the images. Below is a 30-second test run. It isn’t the final music and we’re still smoothing out the effects, not to mention it is still me narrating (which will not be the case in the final cut) but I thought it’d give you a taste of what our film will look like.



Posted on: November 27, 2017