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Elizabeth Thomas, Owner of Fort Stevens

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A Civil War Christmas in Shepherdtown, West Virginia

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#Thanksgiving in the Civil War: a Proclamation from #History

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Jonathan Lyman

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Mary Walker - Woman in long dark dress, dark hair, pale skin and medal pinned to breast

Who Held the Saw: Discovering Mary Walker, Civil War Army Surgeon – From Julia Marie Myers

Patriotic Union Envelope

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Private Lewis Martin, Black Civil War Soldier missing an arm and a leg

Black Civil War Soldiers with Injuries, Chronic Conditions, and Disabilities

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Civil War Myths and Mysteries Quiz – Courtesy of @CivilWarTrust

The Invalid Corps and the Battle of Fort Stevens is a Kickstarter Staff Pick!

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Drawing of Lincoln's funeral with casket carried by Invalid Corps pallbearers, soldiers, horses

Soldiers’ Stories: Sergeants Durgin and Wray

Images: Day and Gamma by train wheels, close up of train wheel, Union Soldier by tent, Union soldiers on parade, Julia and Day in front of a steam locomotive

More Photos from North Carolina – Julia Marie Myers

Lincoln Coffin Full View

NC Transportation Museum – Lincoln’s Coffin

Civil War Encampment

North Carolina Train Museum Day 2 – The Leviathan Steam Locomotive

North Carolina Train Museum Day 1 – The Lincoln Funeral Car

Oliver Otis Howard

The Aftermath of Battle – from the autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard

AR Johnson CDV - Blind Confederate Soldier. Image from Archives Texas State Library

What are Carte de Visite or CDVs?


Uniform of the Invalid Corps – Updated

Atlanta Skyline with We are in Atlanta text

Society for Disability Studies and the Invalid Corps as “Hidden #Disability History”

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Uniform of the Invalid Corps

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